Rise of Churton

And so it begins...

Unexpected heroes

A portal suddenly appeared in the middle of the room.
Out of it four figures emerged, all dressed in a peculiar fashion. The first was a young man with ginger hair that spelled Irish.
Behind him rose a tall and bearded fellow moving in a rigid mechanical way. Beside him a slender and tough looking lady in a leather suit and on the other side stood a handsome fella with greased hair, a hair that would fill any mortal with envy.
They looked around and tried to figure out where they had “landed”.

The room was actually a very pleasant living room with couches, a big Turkish rug underneath, a conformable fireplace and behind the group a broad window with mosaic flower decorative. The portal closed and the group started to look for clues.
“Shadow-Cat, can you check the doors” said the tall one.
She nodded and pressed her ear to door closest to them.
There was someone on the other side.
“Hey, look at that!” The Irish boy grabbed a bust of a man standing on the fireplace
“Shush! We are not alone…”
They all looked at Shadow-Cat, then each other.
“How many?” asked the big one
She leaned in closer to the door
“Two, but they are dragging something… or someone.”
“Well, lets get on with it then” The excitement in the pretty boys eyes was without hiding.
She nodded and stood up.

The door was kicked open



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