Amelia Zebron

“We are not in control. If we were, surely we'd know better than to care about anything."


Out of costume:
The woman in front of you is slim, seductive and very graceful with curves that would show that she is at the very least a top athletic or in similar shape under her long black dress, she‘s tall and her pale blue eyes are deep and piercing as if she was looking straight through you. Her hair is long reaching to the small of her back and pitch black, usually let go straight down.

While what of her bare body you can see she isn‘t muscular but toned rather and the way she walks seems to remind you of a feline like grace and intend as if she does nothing without having planned it out as well as the next three steps. With how she moves the intricate manner in which the eye patch over her left eye is made, makes it look natural one her attractive face.

In costume:
The feline costume seems to fit the figure of this person as she sits there as if she were a cat herself. Long claws seem to come out at the fingertips of her costume and the large ears jutting from her cowl almost seem like a part of her very being.

The glass in front of her eyes shows just a white glints as if there was actually a beast behind the cowl but the open part showing the very feminine and seductive pair of lips tells you otherwise.


Life in Churton city wasn‘t easy but it wasn‘t exactly that hard either for Amelia. She came from a middle class family and if she had just stuck to what was expected of her she would have easily been able to marry above her station. Her father however was very adamant about her being intelligent and being able to take care of herself, making her learn as many martial arts and made sure she got the best education he could provide for her.

This adamant lifestyle changed however when a friend of hers who went into the slums to feed the poor there every once in a while was attacked by a mugger and though she didn‘t die from this encounter it did scar her friend and caused her to move out of the city leaving behind an angry 17 year old Amelia. In retaliation she began to use what she had learned to fight crime as Shadow Cat and for one year she struck fear into the underground in the slums leaving most criminals beaten badly in her wake, until one got lucky with a knife and stuck her in her left eye.

The next five years were spent in honing her skills, mind and with the help of her father she set up a male identity which allowed her to pose as a stock broker and not only get a sizable and good income but also gave her, her own place and enough free time to keep her skills up. It has now been six or so months since she began again and this time her suit is changed and reinforced with a fibre that she has begun to develop within a lab she has set up at her home.

Much to her relief she has found that some of her old contacts welcomed her back and have helped her and kept her well-informed of the happenings in the city, which sometimes comes quite in handy for her stock broker identity as well.

Amelia Zebron

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